Division of Chemical Education Teaching Excellence Endowment

Why are you a chemist? Many of us would agree with Eli Pearce, Past President of the American Chemical Society (ACS), when he said "my excellent high school teacher was definitely responsible for my choosing chemistry as a career." And now you can join the effort to ensure that the great teachers who launch so many scientific careers are recognized and rewarded by their professional society!

The ACS Division of Chemical Education has stepped forward to establish an endowment that will support awards for high school science teachers in every Region of the ACS. By establishing an effort to solicit funds for the Division of Chemical Education Teaching Excellence Endowment, the Division is making a firm financial commitment to high school science teaching, ACS Regions, and the profession of chemistry. But the project will not be successful without your help.

Our goal is not just a financial one; we are anxious to assemble a lengthy list of donors containing names, of both individuals and collective entities, that will demonstrate to the secondary education community that there is a large number of science professionals who appreciate the value of good science teaching in the Nation’s high schools and who are willing to reward it.

Join other individuals and organizations that have already contributed to the. Most of all join what will be thousands of people who know, without that special teacher, their future would look very different.

Contribution Form (PDF download)

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