Section 1. These bylaws shall be amended as follows:

a. The proposed amendment(s) shall have been first submitted to the Executive Committee by at least five members, or shall have been raised by the Executive Committee, and shall have been evaluated and approved by a majority of the members of that Committee.

b. If a dispute arises regarding approval of said amendment(s), the Executive Committee may resolve the issue by majority vote of the Committee after hearing discussion of the issue at a regular meeting of the Division, or the Committee may decide to hold a special election to resolve it.

c. The Division Secretary shall send the proposed bylaw amendment(s) to the SOCIETY’s Committee on Constitution and Bylaws for a preliminary review. After receipt of the review, the Executive Committee will then make appropriate changes, as necessary. The Secretary shall then distribute to all Division members a suitable explanation of the bylaw amendment(s).

d. The bylaws may be amended at any annual meeting of the Division by a two-thirds (2/3) affirmative vote of members present, provided that two weeks’ notice of the proposed amendment with the text thereof has been distributed to members of the Division. Alternatively, the bylaws may be amended by ballot by a two-thirds (2/3) affirmative vote of those voting, provided that the deadline for receipt of ballots is at least thirty days after the texts of the proposed amendment and the ballot have been sent.

e. At least two-thirds (2 /3) of votes cast shall be required to approve the amendment(s).

Section 2. Regarding the amendment(s), the Secretary shall distribute the outcome of the vote or ballot to the Division members and within the specified time period, shall distribute the results and all required items to the SOCIETY’s Committee on Constitution and Bylaws for final review and approval.

Section 3. Amendments to these bylaws shall become effective upon approval by the Committee on Constitution and Bylaws, acting for the Council of the SOCIETY, unless a later date is specified.