David P. Licata

I am honored to be considered for Division Treasurer. I am Board of Publication Treasurer, and have contributed to helping the Division be more professional, and improve management and performance of its fiduciary duties. I look forward to continuing those activities by serving in a Division-wide office.
I have experience in finance, accounting, budgeting, and management. My education and experience include:

  • BS (chemistry, 1976), MS (business, 1983), UC, Irvine.
  • High School Teacher (various schools, 28 years),
  • Chemistry Professor, Coastline College (1981–1986, 1992–2006), Science Department Chair (1996–2006).
  • Corporate Treasurer, World Organic Corp. (Fountain Valley, CA, 1980– ).
  • ACS Manager of Precollege Programs (1986–1990)
  • Founding Treasurer, Kinsgvale (VA) Homeowner’s Association (1987–1990). Established accounting, collection, disbursement, and oversight procedures.
  • Manager of Education Programs, Chevron Petroleum Technology Company (1991–2001). Organized and ran a three-day program for middle and high school teachers with hands-on work to relate the oil and gas industry to their everyday lessons. We distributed $37,000 of materials each year to 30 teachers.
  • High School Day Chair (Spring 2004).
  • Orange County Section: Alternate Councilor (2008–2016), Education Committee (1987–2014), High School Awards Dinner Chair (2012, 2013)
  • Board of Publication (member 2010–2018), Treasurer (2012–).

I am now retired, though I own and operate my own education services business.

For the Division, I was on the team that investigated and selected NetSuite for the Division integrated accounting system, and led the effort to develop a proposal for Division accountant and assist with the selection. As a NetSuite administrator, I know Division accounting and reporting, and have worked closely with the current Treasurer to assure that the Division is on track in meeting its fiduciary responsibilities to our members.

I believe the wide experience summarized above, and close association with Division finances over the past four years demonstrate my qualifications to serve as your Treasurer. I ask for your vote.

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