Irvin J. Levy

During the past 15 years, Green Chemistry education has become the focus of Irv’s professional life. Indeed, his first volunteer effort for DivCHED was to organize the Division’s first national meeting symposium on Green Chemistry (2005). Since then he has served as meeting co-chair for two national meetings (2009, 2017) and as the Program Chair for 12 national meetings (2011-2016). In addition to 10 years on the Program Committee, Irv’s other volunteer service includes his recent appointments to SOCED (2017, Associate Member) and the Division’s Biennial Conference Committee (2017-2019). He has served on the ad hoc Abstracts Replacement System Advisory Board (that replaced PACS with MAPS) and SOCED Undergraduate Program Advisory Board. Additionally, Irv frequently supports projects from the ACS Green Chemistry Institute.

Irv has been an ACS member for 37 years and in 2017 was elected as an ACS Fellow. He is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Associate Editor of Green Chemistry Letters & Reviews, and a member of the Governing Board of Beyond Benign. Irv is the author of 39 peer-reviewed articles and chapters in various journals and books. He is the co-editor of two ACS Symposium books. Over the past 20 years Irv, or his research students, have presented over 100 lectures, workshops, and posters at a wide range of venues. His novel outreach program has empowered hundreds of his students to educate thousands of children, and the public, about green chemistry. Irv is a frequent speaker on campuses, encouraging departments to commit to green chemistry education.

Irv loves working with his DivCHED colleagues and would be delighted to have the opportunity to be of service through this leadership position.

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