Jack Barbera

I have been a member of the American Chemical Society and the Division of Chemical Education since 2005 and have been serving the Division in a variety of capacities since 2008. My past service included being a board member of the Computers in Chemical Education committee, reviewing manuscripts for the Journal of Chemical Education (JCE), and as a ‘friend’ of the Chemical Education Research committee, organizing Chemical Education Research symposia at ACS National meetings and at Biennial Conference on Chemical Education meetings. Currently, I serve the Division as a regular reviewer of JCE manuscripts, as an Examinations Institute exam writing committee member, and as the chair and 5-year member of the Chemical Education Research (CER) committee.

While I have a long and consistent history of serving the Division, my contributions to the CER committee best demonstrate my suitability for the Councilor/Alternate position. As a highly organized individual, I sought to instill greater structure to how the committee functioned, such that agendas were met in a timely manner. With two meetings per year (at National ACS meetings) and numerous committee ‘friends’ contributing to tackling action items, it is often difficult to consistently meet goals. In 2016, as committee co-chair, I initiated official sub-committee assignments for all members and the use of virtual meetings. Having members assigned to specific action items within their sub-committee and having more frequent meetings, where sub-committees are responsible for reporting out, has allowed the CER committee to be more task-oriented and meet more goals. While members run each sub-committee, the structure still allows for vital contributions from committee ‘friends’. As the chair, I believe this structure allows the CER committee to better serve the Division members and greater chemical education community. It is this same productivity and passion that I hope to bring to the Councilor/Alternate position.

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