Thomas Pentecost

I am honored to be considered for a councilor/alternate councilor position. I offer a brief review of my background as my qualifications for this role. I taught high school chemistry for three years before returning to graduate school for my PhD in chemistry education. I spent ten years as a fulltime community college faculty member, the last three as department chair. I am currently an associate professor of chemistry and faculty fellow in my university’s center for faculty teaching and learning. I am a longtime member of ACS and the Division of Chemical Education. My service to the division includes two terms on the New Member Committee, a member of the GVSU planning committee for the 2014 BCCE, serving on two and chairing an ACS-EI exam committees, and I am currently serving on the Chemistry Education Research Committee. My diverse background gives me a unique perspective and the ability to represent many different constituencies in the division high school teachers, community faculty, and faculty at PUI institutions. I have a passion for improving instruction in first-year courses and will work to make sure the division supports faculty teaching these vital courses.

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