William J. "Bill" Donovan

I have served the Division of Chemical Education as a member of the Exams Institute Board of Trustees (2014-16) and the Passer Portfolio Committee (2017-). I am the General Papers Chair for the 2018 Biennial Conference, and have organized symposia and presented papers at the BCCEs since 1998. Since 2004, I have served on six ACS Exam committees, chairing two. I attended the Division’s Fiduciary Workshop at the ACS Meeting in San Diego in 2016, where I learned much about the important considerations for duties of leaders of the Division and its committees and boards.

As a member of the Board of Trustees, I was part of the leadership of the Exams Institute through great changes, including all of the operations moving from Iowa to the current model with business and fulfillment operations based in Colorado and the intellectual operation and organization being based in Wisconsin. Also during my term, the Board selected a new Director for the Institute and dealt with numerous legal and financial issues, including budgets and the purchase of property in Colorado for the new offices of the Institute. As 2016 Secretary of the Board, I was responsible for correspondence with Bank of the West, which manages the Institute’s bank and wealth management accounts. 

Outside the Division, I have served the local ACS section as Chemical Education chair and Project SEED chair and coordinator, and on my campus I have served as the director of the regional center of excellence for math and science teaching, funded by the state board of regents.

I would be happy to contribute and expand my experience and effort serving the Division and the chemical education community by serving as Treasurer of the Division.

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