2014 ACS Fellows who are also DivCHED members – Congratulations!

The American Chemical Society has named 99 members as ACS Fellows. Of these 99, 12 are Division of Chemical Education members. The new fellows will be feted at the society’s national meeting in San Francisco in August. We congratulate these new fellows!

Paul T. Anastas – Yale University
Mitchell R. M. Bruce – University of Maine
Arlene A. Garrison – Oak Ridge Associated Universities
Karen E. Grant – Columbia Basin College and Washington State University, Tri-Cities
Larry K. Krannich - University of Alabama, Birmingham (Emeritus)
Nancy E. Levinger - Colorado State University
Loretta Jones – University of Northern Colorad0 (Emerita)
Ron Perkins – Greenwich High School (Retired)
Arlene A. Russell - University of California, Los Angeles
Laura E. Slocum – Heathwood Hall Episcopal School
Linette M. Watkins - James Madison University
Donald J. Wink – University of Illinois, Chicago

For the full list of 2014 ACS Fellows in the C&E news, visit http://cen.acs.org/articles/92/i28/2014-ACS-Fellows.html

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