Applications of Visualization Techniques in the Classroom

Organizer: Thomas J. Greenbowe. Department of Chemistry, Iowa State University, Ames, IA 50011-3111, tel: (515) 294-6352, Email:

This symposium included papers on enhancing the learning of chemistry in the laboratory with pre-laboratory visual aids by T. A. Saleh; an evolving approach to computational and visualization experiments in organic chemistry by T. N. Jones, K. J. Graham, C. P. Schaller, and E. J. McIntee; visualization technology for organic chemistry by S. A. Fleming; an analysis of students' use of an electronic learning tool on precipitation reactions by R. M. Kelly; using JMol to teach structural concepts in general chemistry by M. R. Abraham; using molecular visualization software in teaching chemical kinetics by J. I. Gelder, M. R. Abraham, and T. J. Greenbowe; and web-based computer simulations accompanied by guided-inquiry tutorials for teaching general chemistry by T. J. Greenbowe, J. I. Gelder, M. R. Abraham, and A. Mehta.

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