Call for Division Innovative Project Grant Proposals. Apply by July 1st

The DAC Innovative Project Grant (IPG) program encourages division members to develop and implement new activities to strengthen their Divisions. All technical divisions are invited to apply for funding for up to two projects totaling up to $12,500 per year.

For consideration in the Fall funding cycle, the submission deadline is July 1, 2018. Funding decisions will be made at the ACS National Meeting in Boston, August 19-23, 2018. In order to be considered for funding for new projects, divisions are required to submit final reports for any previously funded IPGs. Complete a final report.

Please note the following:

  • The maximum funding per project is $7,500; the maximum funding for two projects is $12,500.
  • Available funding of up to two active IPG projects per division, not more than $12,500 within a calendar year.
  • Divisions are eligible for not more than one Strategic Planning IPG in any 5 year period.
  • Divisions can submit joint applications describing inter-divisional activities for a maximum of $12,500. If funded, funds are split evenly between partnering divisions. These joint applications require identical proposals from each partnering division.
  • IPG funds may not be used for contemporaneous events within the meeting where the funding decision is made.

For complete IPG guidelines, please visit:

How to Apply

Complete and submit the division application form at no later than July 1, 2018. Applications received after this deadline will not be considered.

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