Term of Office: 

One year. The office is assumed on January 1 of the calendar year following election by full and affiliate members of the Division. The chair-elect will automatically succeed as Division chair on January 1 of the following calendar year.


The primary responsibility of the chair-elect is to become familiar with the responsibilities associated with the office of Division chair in order to effectively fulfill those responsibilities when assuming the role of chair the following year. The chair-elect fulfills his or her duties through exemplary performance of the following activities:

  • Assume the responsibilities of the Division chair at the latter's request or in the event that the chair is absent or unable to fulfill his/her responsibilities.
  • Attend Division Executive Committee and business meetings; attend any other meetings at the request of the Division chair.
  • Become familiar with the current Division activities through review of all reports, correspondence, etc.
  • Attend the ACS Division Officers' Training Conference in the calendar year immediately following election to the chair-elect position.
  • Perform other duties as prescribed by the Division bylaws


  • Attend ACS Division Officers' Training Conference. February: Submit items to the Division chair for inclusion on the spring Executive Committee agenda.


  • Attend the Division Executive Committee meeting and business meeting. Fulfill role of Division chair in his/her absence.


  • Consult with Division officers and committee chairs regarding the following year's budget requirements.


  • Submit items to the Division chair for inclusion on the fall Executive Committee agenda.


  • Attend Division Executive Committee meeting and business meeting. Consult with the Treasurer to help present budget for the following year.


  • Ensure that all committee chairs and committee members have been appointed for the following calendar year. Review the Division's procedures manual for the section(s) relevant to the office of Division chair-elect.
  • Upon notification from the secretary or treasurer, notify all candidates of the results of the election for Division officers.


  • Prepare new chair's message for Division members to be distributed via newsletter and/or Web site. Submit copy to newsletter editor, Webmaster, or other Division leaders responsible for the dissemination of such information to members. Send thank-you note to Division chair for assistance during year as chair-elect. Prepare files for sharing with the incoming chair-elect by January 1. Forward all original documents of potential long-term value to the Division secretary and keep a copy of these documents for fulfillment of the responsibilities of the new chair-elect or Division chair. Begin to work with Division treasurer drafting plans for the coming year.

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