From the Chair-Elect, Fall 2011

George Bodner, Chair-electAs chair-elect I would like to join others in welcoming you to the first edition of a DivCHED electronic newsletter.

Some members of the Division might reflect back with fondness on the many years when the changing seasons were marked by the arrival of a blue pamphlet that represented the printed version of the DivCHED newsletter. It is useful to note, however, that the electronic version will not only save the Division a considerable amount of money, each year, it represents a significant improvement in our ability to communicate with DivCHED members. It can provide more timely information about national and regional meetings, for example, because contributors to the newsletter no longer have to worry about the delay associated with waiting for the newsletter to be printed and mailed. The electronic version will be easier to store, will occupy less space when members bring it to DivCHED meetings, and, for those of us who live in cluttered offices, it will be more difficult to lose!

The electronic newsletter will also allow the Division to provide more information to its members than the printed version. Consider, for example, the report of the program from the 241st ACS meeting in Anaheim. Because the newsletter is now available in an electronic format, MaryKay Orgill and I were able to provide much more detail about the contents of the Division program for that meeting. This will allow DivCHED members who were not able to attend the meeting, or who had to choose between a pair of parallel sessions, to browse the complete program for the meeting.

At the Anaheim meeting, the DivCHED Executive Committee was informed that the incorporation agreement for the ACS Division of Chemical Education had been “revoked.” That evening I had the opportunity to meet with the general counsel of the ACS to discuss the implications this would have for DivCHED. We were advised that it would be better for the Division to be incorporated than not. I am pleased to note that within a period of weeks incorporation documents were filed with the help of the ACS General Counsel and the Division is once again protected by incorporation.

Members of the DivCHED Program Committee will be familiar with a problem faced by the organizers of the High School Day program at national meetings. In addition to organizing the program they have also been asked to raise funds to cover some of the costs of this program. Over the years we have received support on a meeting-by-meeting basis from a variety of sources, including Texas Instrument, the Hach Foundation, and the Dow Chemical Company. On the basis of discussions of this problem with ACS staff I am pleased to announce that the ACS Education Division has agreed to contribute $5000 per meeting to partially fund the High School Day program at national ACS meetings.

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