Who: Those who teach an intro chemistry course to non-chemistry majors.

Where: Loyola University Chicago

When: June 16 & 17 (noon on 6/16 to 5:30 PM on 6/17, dinner to follow).

Why:  To explore ways to teach chemistry using real-world contexts. Chapter 1 of the book focuses on the chemistry of portable electronics, and other chapters extract chemistry involved in contexts such as skin protection from the sun, air quality, energy, and food and nutrition. There is a lab manual that accompanies the book, and it contains investigations that allow students to question real-life scenarios and conduct experiments like a scientist following the science writing heuristic.

How much: $100, which includes meals, accommodations in the Loyola dorm, and workshop materials.

Register: before May 24.

For more information: Visit or contact ACS Textbook Manager, Emily Bones, at

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