Engaging Students in Chemistry and Geochemistry with Environmental Issues and Career Pathways

The organizers of an ACS symposium (co sponsored Education and Geochemistry divisions) on organizing teaching around environmental justice for the Spring 2020 ACS National Meeting in Philadelphia invite you to participate. Please contact the convenors listed below if you are interested.

Engaging Students in Chemistry and Geochemistry with Environmental Issues and Career Pathways

Convenors: Kathryn Nagy and Daniel Morales-Doyle (University of Illinois at Chicago), Alanah Fitch (Loyola University Chicago)

This session is focused on approaches to introducing chemistry and geochemistry in high school, community college, and university curricula using themes based on environmental issues, including those relevant to the students’ local communities or to the general public. In high school, environmental Earth science issues may be used to engage students in required chemistry classes. At the community college and university levels, geochemistry can be incorporated into physical science or chemistry courses, and studied as thematic material in courses in human health, social sciences, history, business, or economics. Students can be connected with workforce members who employ geochemistry in their jobs or to local organizations who address issues of environmental justice. These connections can occur in classrooms or via formal internship programs. We solicit contributions from educators, researchers, and professionals who are developing these types of approaches to engage students with environmental applications of geochemistry or chemistry.

  • Examples of topics include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Teaching chemical principles using environmental geochemistry of soils, water, and air
  • Incorporating geochemistry in physical science courses
  • Developing pathways into the geosciences and chemical sciences based in environmental justice
  • Engaging humanities and social science students with environmental geochemistry
  • Interdisciplinary teaching of geochemistry with attention to the Next Generation Science Standards
  • Evaluating the impact of environmental remediation consultants as guest lecturers
  • Evaluating internship programs with environmental consulting firms

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