Group Insurance Plans for ACS Members

In 2015, in response to member concerns, the Board of Trustees, Group Insurance Plans for ACS members launched a new insurance plan -- Chemical Educators Legal Liability plan. The new Chemical Educators Legal Liability policy applies to members employed by an academic institution when they are acting on behalf of their employer. Because both plans provide liability coverage for outreach events, to avoid confusion we prepared a guide which compares  the features of the new Chemical Educators Legal Liability Plan and the ACS General Liability plan. 

Chemical educators can no longer assume that their institution or their current educators' legal liability policy will defend them should a lawsuit arise from their academic duties. Currently the insurance marketplace offers minimal protection for chemical educators by excluding Contingent Bodily Injury and Pollution Liability from their standard educators' legal liability policies. The ACS Chemical Educators Legal Liability plan was created to address the unique needs of chemical educators. This new plan specifically covers Contingent Bodily Injury and Pollution Liability. This is in addition to other policy coverage areas.

The plan is underwritten by Lloyds of London and carries a limit of liability of $1,000,000, with sub-limits for contingent bodily injury and property damage, pollution, sexual molestation, employment practices and intellectual property. The plan has a four-tier rate scale that is based on the particular level of exposures to the insured. To provide you with further details, view the  Chemical Educators Legal Liability flyer that highlights the features of the policy . For more information or to apply, visit or call the Plan Administrator at 202-263-4018.

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