High School Committee Report, Fall 2010

The High School committee continues to work on enhancing support for the high school chemistry teacher. The committee has had members attend many of the other committee meetings at the National meetings to raise awareness for the high school chemistry teacher. We have represented the committee at the BCCE in Denton this last summer. Ellen Yezierski represented the committee at the New Attendees luncheon. Jeff Hepburn sponsored an open meeting for interested members where over 50 attendees presented suggestions to help improve the high school committee and what it offers for teachers. Much of this is centered on the web page for the Div CHED High School section. Improvements will be gradually added to offer more for teachers. A representative from ACS also gave an interesting presentation on many of the services that are offered by ACS.

Two important items that were discussed by ACS are the High School Chemistry Clubs. The following is taken from the brochure provided by ACS. The ACS and support for the Chemistry Clubs helps provide opportunities to offer fun, authentic, and hands-on opportunities for students to experience chemistry beyond what is taught in the classroom, to learn about post-secondary and career opportunities in chemistry, and get involved in community-building and service. More information can be found at the website at www.acs.org/chemclub.

Another phenomenal resource for the high school teacher is the ACS-Hach High School Chemistry Grant. This is a grant sponsored by ACS and a very generous donation by the Hach company to support the high school chemistry teacher. The grant is open to all high school chemistry educators with innovative ideas that transform chemistry education. Awardees of the grant can receive up to $1500. You can apply online at www.acs.org/hach. Grant applications are accepted annually from February 1-April 1. This is an outstanding way to get some of those needed resources that you might not be able to buy on your own.

Upcoming national meetings that will offer much for the high school teacher are Chem Ed 2011. It will be held at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, MI. The dates are July 24-July 28, 2011. This conference is mainly arranged by high school teachers for high school teachers. More will follow in the next newsletter report. This is a great way to network with other chemistry instructors. You can also start planning on attending the BCCE 2012 at Penn State University.

Please contact any of the committee members if you have any suggestions or questions.

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