High School Committee Report, Fall 2011

We want to wish all of you a wonderful International Year of Chemistry 2011. The ACS website has daily features that could enhance your classroom with the use of IYC materials. There will also be a new series of scientist stamps being released during the month of June. Check your local post office. All of this helps support the high school chemistry classroom by offering alternate opportunities for the chemistry student.

There appears to be a large amount of growing support for the pre-college component of chemical education. We will be working on improving the high school committee website for the DivCHED webpage over the next year. We had a preliminary meeting at the Spring ACS meeting in Anaheim with comments from many of our high school committee members and other interested parties. This is being combined with other programs being looked at by the division. Some of these programs follow.

The Division of Chemical Education (DivCHED) Executive Committee (ExComm) is looking at enhancing benefits for all members with some programs which could directly benefit the high school teacher. There is also an investigation of formation of a joint task force being sponsored by Div CHED and the ACS Society for Chemical Education (SOCED) to take a serious look at means of assisting the high school teacher. Our High School committee is represented on this Task Force along with other prominent high school teachers. More will follow in future newsletter articles.

Here are some items that you might want to consider as you are planning your summer, next school year, or next summer. The first two items are summer chemistry conferences which offer plenty for the chemistry teacher. The other three are items that could benefit your classroom next year.

1. Chem Ed 2011

This is always an outstanding summer event for any chemistry teacher. This event will be five days of chemical presentations, demonstrations, technical sessions, and plenty of networking. This event is held every other year. The dates are July 24-28, 2011. Chem Ed ’11 will be located at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan. More information can be found at their website: http://www.wmich.edu/chemed/

2. BCCE 2012

This is information for those that want to plan their travels far in advance. The Biennial Conference on Chemical Education will be held at The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA. The dates are Sunday, July 29 - Thursday, August 2, 2012. More information can be found at their website: http://www.2012bcce.com/index.html

3. ACS Support

Information can be found on the ACS website under high school chemistry education resources. Support can come in many forms. One that you might consider for next year is the formation of a Chemistry Club. This is an opportunity to explore many different avenues in high school chemistry. The ACS also offers suggestions for programming. Much more can be found on this website.

4. ACS DivCHED Examinations Institute

This is an excellent source of assessment materials for the high school class. This is a source of examinations which could be used for the high school chemistry class or the advanced high school chemistry class. They provide outstanding exams at a minimal cost. They also help to sponsor the National Chemistry Olympiad tests. These Olympiad tests are great support and offer review for other tests for any chemistry student.

5. ACS-HACH Grant

This is an excellent source of funding for some of those items that your school might not be able to afford. The following is a quote from their website:

“The ACS-Hach High School Chemistry Grant is awarded to U.S. high school chemistry teachers seeking funds to support ideas that transform classroom learning, foster student development, and reveal the wonders of chemistry. Teachers can request up to $1,500 for their ideas.”

Applications are accepted from February 1 until April 1 of each year. You can find more information on the ACS website under Hach grants.

 Have a wonderful, relaxing summer. Best wishes for the next school year. Please contact any of the high school committee members if you have concerns or suggestions. Contact information can be found elsewhere in this newsletter.

Submitted by Richard Goodman and Jeff Hepburn, DivCHED High School Committee Co-chairs

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