International Activities Committee Report, Spring 2011

Report from the International Affairs Committee Carmen Valdez Gauthier ( The committee thanks Dolores C. Aquino, John Penn and Gabriela Weaver for their service of CHED’s International Affairs Committee which ended December 2010. We welcome Anil Banerjee, Lourdes Echegoyen, Sonali Raje and Santiago Sandi-Urena to our committee. They start their service in January 2011. We are confident their contributions will enhance our future activities. The committee met at the Boston meeting. Among the items discussed were: 1) the role of the IAC in the International Year of Chemistry, 2) a report from the CHED-IAC Travel Award Winner – Santiago Sandi-Urena 3) the deadline for the CHED travel award and review of applications, and 4) international programs of interest to the chemical education community. International Year of Chemistry (IYC): Dr. Ingrid Montes, chair of the theme team committee of the Committee on Community Activities presented an update on events planned to promote the IYC in informal education. Several events are planned during the IUPAC Congress in Puerto Rico, among them a symposium highlighting women in chemistry as part of the many faces of chemistry theme. Carmen Gauthier and Ingrid Montes will write an article to highlight opportunities for CHED members to be involved in outreach efforts at local, regional, national, and international events. The CHED-IAC also welcomed Dr. Frank Creegan who described a symposium he is organizing for the upcoming IUPAC meeting in Puerto Rico on “POGIL Across the Curriculum and around the World.” The committee voted to endorse the sponsorship of the symposium. CHED-IAC Travel Award: Dr. Santiago Sandi-Urena, Assistant Professor of Chemistry at the University of South Florida presented a report on his contributions to the European Conference on Research in Chemical Education held in Krakow, Poland. The committee established a sub-committee to evaluate the 2011 CHED-IAC Travel Award applications. Drs. Atwood, Miller and Gauthier agreed to review the applications. The committee received one application that that was reviewed by the committee and found to be very strong. The committee recommended that Dr. Gautam Bhattacharyya be awarded the CHED-IAC Travel Award. Dr Bhattacharyya will be given an oral presentation at the Variety in Chemistry Education (ViCE) Conference to be held September 2-3, 2011 at Loughborough University in England. At the Anaheim meeting the committee will review the application process and ways to more effectively promote the CHED-IAC Travel Award. International Programs of Interest to the Chemistry Community: Dr. Hessy Haft will be organizing a symposium on “Advances in Alternative Energy System;” and Dr. Zafra Lerman will be co-organizing a symposium with form IAC Committee member Ram Lamba on “Chemical Education for the Future: A Global Perspective” at the IUPAC Meeting to be held in Puerto Rico. At the Anaheim meeting, the Chair will present to the committee a proposal to co-sponsor a conference on problem Based Learning in Concepcion-Chile as part of the International Year of Chemistry celebration to be held in October 2011.

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