New Member Committee Report, Spring 2011

At the end of 2010 Ann Sullivan completed her term on the New Member Committee. We would like to thank her for her service to the committee. We would also like to welcome Jimmy Reeves to our committee as the liaison to the Executive Committee. We are still looking to add a couple of additional members to the committee this year to help us diversify our representation. We are currently looking for more representation from the western region of the country as well as from the community college, high school, and graduate student sectors.

We are very pleased both of the action items in our last report have been or are being addressed. First, the welcome email is being sent out by the Division Chair in coordination with the Executive Assistant to ensure that all new members are being welcomed. Second, the committee web pages have been updated to make them easier to navigate for new members.

It our continued efforts to provide venues for welcoming new members, NMC members attending the spring meeting in Anaheim have again committed to be on hand at the Sunday evening social/reception to greet and welcome new members and encourage all Division members in attendance to make a point to greet those you don’t already know and to provide appropriate introductions whenever possible. Additionally, the NMC committee plans to send an email invitation to the CHED social in Anaheim to all of the identified new members from March – December 2010.

At the NMC annual meeting, Monday at 12:30 at the Anaheim ACS meeting we plan to discuss ideas for other ways the committee could meet the needs of our new members.

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