NSF-catalyzed Innovations in the Undergraduate Curriculum

Organizer: Susan Hixson, Division of Undergraduate Education, National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA, tel: (703) 292-4623, fax (703) 292-9015, Email: shixson@nsf.gov (Invited only)

This symposium included papers on an overview of NSF-DUE programs that support undergraduate education by E. Chang, H. Sevian, B. Holmes, and S. Hixson; creating pathways for student success by P. A. Brown; the University of Kansas Noyce Phase II Scholarship & Stipend Program by J. A. Heppert, S. B. Case, and M. D. Barker; ChemEd DL, an online resource for chemistry education by J. W. Moore, J. Shorb, G. Bandos, and E. Vitz; a national survey to determine the needs of college chemistry instructors for professional development related to assessment by T. Holme, K. Murphy, and M. Emenike; automated analysis of student writing reveals student thinking: An innovative assessment methodology built on community goals by M. Urban-Lurain, J. E. Merrill, J. C. Libarkin, T. Long, R. Nehm, J. K. Knight, K. Haudek, M. K. Smith, and J. Ridgway; before, during and after class activities in general chemistry by J. I. Gelder, M. R. Abraham, and T. J. Greenbowe; and Central Ideas of Molecular Science (CIMS): A cross-disciplinary approach by D. J. Yaron, C. A. Ashe, M. S. Karabinos, L. M. Bartolo, J. J. Portman, C. Carter, and D. R. Sadoway.

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