Standing Committees

Chemistry in the Two-Year College

The Committee on Chemistry in the Two-Year College is dedicated to furthering the development and awareness of the contribution of chemical sciences in the two-year colleges and the professional advancement of chemistry teachers by fostering professional development activities for individual chemistry faculty members and informing all students of the importance of the chemical sciences.


The elected officers (chair, vice-chair, treasurer) of the Two-Year-College Chemistry Consortium (2YC3) and the elected regional advisory board, which provides representation from the four geographical regions of the nation are appointed by the Executive Committee as the Division 2YC3 committee.


The officers and regional advisory board of the Consortium organize four annual meetings in each of the four regions of the country. Two of the meetings are held in the location of and in conjunction with the National ACS meetings. In addition to the duties and responsibilities specified in the guidelines of the 2YC3, the chair reports on the activities of 2YC3 to the Executive committee at each national ACS meeting. The treasurer of 2YC3 serves as an advisory member of the Finance Committee. The treasurer prepares and submits the financial statement of the Consortium to the Division treasurer for inclusion in the Division annual IRS report and Division report to the ACS. The chair of the Consortium, who is elected annually by the membership reports to the Executive Committee.

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