Standing Committees


The Recognition committee identifies worthy individuals who have dedicated years of valuable service to the Division of Chemical Education for recognition as recipients of the Division of Chemical Education Outstanding Member Contribution Award. The committee arranges the award celebration at the Division banquet at the fall national meeting of the Society. One or two awards are made each year.


A committee chair, appointed by the Division chair, the Division chair and two other members chosen from former members of the Executive Committee who are aware of the contributions of individuals to the Division.

Term of Office:

The chair and the other members serve three-year terms staggered so as to give continuity to the committee. The committee member in their third-year of membership will traditionally serve as chair of the committee for that year.

  • Solicit nominations for the Outstanding Member Contribution Award
  • Select the year's awardees from the nominations
  • Present the award at the Division's Banquet at the fall national meeting of the Society
  • Arrange with the membership committee organizing the banquet to add a special dessert to the Banquet menu in honor of the awardees.
  • Invite Division officers or nominator to present the award and to describe the awardee's contributions.
  • Submit the award citation of the outstanding member's contributions to the Division to the: Newsletter, and the Journal.
  • Post the award citation with appropriate photographs from the celebration on the Division Website.


  • The committee chair sends out an e-mail to former Executive Committee members inviting them to nominate candidates for the Division Outstanding Member Contribution Award


  • The committee corresponds through email and phone meetings to evaluate the nominations. The committee also meets at the spring national meeting of the Society to discuss the nominations


  • The committee meets by teleconference to select the award winner or winners if a decision was not made during the meeting at the spring national meeting of the Society.


  • The committee chair notifies the nominator, who is asked to expand on the nomination justification with a formal citation to be delivered at the award ceremony. The chair notifies the award recipient of his or her selection as the Division. The committee works with the host of the banquet to select the dessert, arrange for flowers for the recipient, reserve banquet tickets for the recipient and a guest, prepare posters, etc.


  • The chair of the committee serves as emcee for the award ceremony.


  • The chair submits the award citation to the Newsletter editor for publication in the Winter Newsletter and to the Journal of Chemical Education. The chair submits the citation and photographs from the award celebration to the webmaster for posting on the Division website.

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