Standing Committees

Regional Meetings

The Regional Meetings Committee promotes chemical education programming at ACS regional meetings, assists in the development of programs for high school teachers, and provides a Division of Chemical Education (CHED) display table with membership information and other outreach material. Members of the committee and other Division members serve as facilitators at the meetings so as to achieve the goals of the committee.


A committee chair, appointed by the Division chair, and as many members, as are necessary to serve as facilitators at the regional meetings. Committee members are selected for geographic coverage, interest in serving as a Division meeting facilitator, and knowledge of chemical education programming. Meetings: Inasmuch as all the business of the committee can be conducted by electronic mail, it is not necessary for the committee to meet.

Term of Office:

The committee chair serves a three-year term, and may have previously served as a committee member. Committee members are appointed for three-year terms.


Committee Chair:

  • Maintain contact with the ACS Manager of Regional Meetings regarding information about upcoming meetings.
  • Maintain contact with the General Chair, Program Chair, and organizer of the chemical education program of each regional meeting regarding the CHED initiative, the role of the facilitator, and the offer of programming resources.
  • Maintain contact with the Chair of the CHED High School Chemistry Committee regarding programming for high school chemistry teachers.
  • Maintain contact with the facilitators before and after each regional meeting.
  • Maintain contact with the CHED Outreach Office with regard to the providing of materials for the CHED display tables at the meetings.
  • If possible, attend several regional meetings during the year to contribute to the chemical education programming and the CHED presence.
  • Report on the activities of the committee to the CHED executive committee, and prepare reports for the Newsletter and the Journal of Chemical Education.

Committee Members (Facilitators):

  • Maintain contact with the General Chair, Program Chair, and organizer of the chemical education program of the specific regional meeting.
  • Arrange with the CHED Outreach Office for the delivery and return of materials.
  • Attend the meeting, make presentations, personally contribute to the programming.
  • Set up, attend, and break down the CHED display table.
  • After the meeting, submit a brief report to the chair of the committee about the chemical education programming, meeting attendance, activity at the CHED display table, suggestions to the committee and the CHED Outreach Office about procedures for future meetings.

Approximately one and one-half years before the meeting

  • The committee chair obtains the contact list of the meetings from the ACS Manager of Regional Meetings.
  • The committee chair begins the process of appointing facilitators.

Approximately one year before the meeting

  • The committee chair contacts the general chair and program chair of the meeting, describes the CHED initiative, and places the facilitator and the chair of the CHED High School Chemistry Committee in the communications loop.

Approximately six months before the meeting

  • The facilitator contacts the CHED Outreach Office with details about the shipping of materials.

At the meeting

  • The facilitator sets up the display table, attends it, breaks it down at the end, and ships the excess material as arranged with the Outreach Office.
  • The facilitator presents papers and/or posters, and serves as a CHED representative.

Within a month after the meeting

  • The facilitator submits receipts and travel forms to the CHED treasurer for reimbursement of expenses.
  • The facilitator submits a short written report to the committee chair, describing the chemical education program, the CHED presence, and the attendance at the meeting. Suggestions and comments about the shipping of the materials, activity at the display table, and the CHED initiative are invited.

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