A. Overview

Purpose of Committees

Division committees are the resources through which the Division fulfills its mission, goals, and objectives, as well as those of the Society as a whole. It is through the activities, programs, and services implemented by its committees that a Division fulfills members' needs and expectations, attracts new members, and ensures its continued growth and financial health. Therefore, it is essential that committee chairs and committee members fulfill the commitments that they made when volunteering to serve. In addition, committees serve as a means for identifying and training the future leaders of the Division—and of the Society. Therefore, all committee chairs are encouraged to act as role models for those who will follow in their footsteps.

Committee Appointments and Terms

As a matter of practice, all committee chairs and committee members should be appointed after the fall national meeting of the Society that immediately precedes their terms of office. The committee chairs are to be appointed by the Division chair in consultation with the chair-elect, secretary, past-chair, and chair of the Committee on Personnel and Nominations Committee members should be nominated by the respective committee chair and others and approved by the Division chair in consultation with the chair-elect, secretary, past chair and chair of the Committee on Personnel and Nominations. Having committee chairs and members in place by the fall before their term of office begins allows adequate time for the transfer of files between incoming and outgoing chairs, allows new members to attend meetings of the committees on which they will serve, and to become familiar with the current issues, etc.

In order to provide opportunities for active participation by all Division members and to develop a pool of potential Division leaders, overlap across membership of Division committees should be kept to a minimum. This policy, while difficult—and frustrating—to implement, also has the benefit of reducing conflict of meeting times, so that each committee can expect the majority of members to attend.

Committee chairs will serve a three-year term, with the possibility of reappointment. No later than the end of their second year as chair, they should identify and train their successor—ideally, from among current or past members of their committee. Committee members will normally serve three-year terms, and terms should be staggered to ensure continuity on the committee.

Division committee has a charge and responsibilities that support the objectives of the Division. These should be reviewed annually, but no less frequently than every three years—when a new committee chair is appointed—and whenever the Division Executive Committee updates the Division's strategic plan.

Each committee chair submits a standardized electronic progress report to the Division secretary at least six weeks prior to each national meeting of the Society for distribution to Executive Committee members, the newsletter editor, and the Webmaster. In addition, each committee chair prepares a committee annual report in January of the calendar year following the year covered by the report to assist the Division secretary in the preparation of the Division's annual report. The committee report should include an accounting of the year's planned and completed goals and objectives, as well as a plan for the coming year. If there is a change of committee chairs in January, the past chair should draft the portion of the committee annual report that covers the past year's activities, and the new chair should draft the plan for the coming year. Division committees should perform periodic audits as requested by the division treasurer.

Committee chairs are expected to schedule their committee meetings at a time and place where the majority of the committee can meet. While these meetings are frequently held in conjunction with national meetings of the Society and the Biennial conferences, increasingly meetings are being conducted electronically. Committees must meet at least twice a year but may meet additionally as deemed necessary by the committee chair. Each committee should have a member serve as its secretary so that the chair can focus on running the meeting.

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