From the Secretary, Winter 2011

Electronic Elections

In the fall, our third electronic ballot for the Division will commence. The following candidates have been selected by the Division Executive Committee to run for Chair/Chair Elect (Frank Torre and George Kriz), Treasurer (Anna Wilson and Richard Schwenz) and Councilor/Alternate Councilor (Amina El-Ashmawy, Laura Pence, Vicente Talanquer, and Ellen Yezierski). I would like to extend the Division’s thanks for their willingness to run for these positions. The positions are for the following terms and include membership on the Division Executive Committee. The Chair-Elect shall serve a one year term (2012-2013), or until his successors are qualified. The Treasurer and the elected Councilors, and the Alternate Councilors shall serve three-year terms (2012-2015). As was done in 2009, e-mail containing a link to permit anonymous voting will be sent to all members having valid e-mail addresses. Those without valid e-mail addresses will receive a post-card with the same information. All members have the option of requesting a paper ballot or of printing out their ballot and sending it by post.

Bylaw Changes

In addition to the election of candidates, you will also be asked in the fall election to vote on the revision of proposed amendments to the Division’s bylaws. The bylaws are the rules adopted by the Division for governing its own meetings and affairs, and they are critical for helping the Division to operate effectively and efficiently.

Thank you to Dr. Donald Wink

I would like to recognize Dr. Donald Wink’s outstanding contribution as the former secretary of the Division. He has been very helpful in mentoring me through my transition as secretary, and he was instrumental in helping me construct the bylaw changes for submission to the Committee on Constitution and Bylaws. Thank you Don!

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