Solicitation of Symposia for the 251st ACS National Meeting & Exposition in San Diego

Greetings from the Program Committee of the Division of Chemical Education!

Even though we hope you are getting ready to come join us for the Boston meeting in August, we are also working behind the scenes, gearing up for the Spring 2016 meeting in San Diego.

This note is to solicit your suggested symposia - something that you might like to organize for this meeting. Please see the list of sessions that are already planned so that your idea doesn't come too close to one of those. While any compelling idea is appreciated, we are especially interested to receive sessions that match the overarching theme for the meeting - Computational Chemistry.

If you have an idea, please send it, in the next week or two, to San Diego meeting co-chairs Denyce Wicht and Iona Black.

Best wishes,

Irv Levy - DivCHED Program Chair (
Iona Black - San Diego meeting co-chair (
Denyce Wicht - San Diego meeting co-chair (


Submitted Symposium Titles

  • Cheminformatics OnLine Chemistry Course
  • Chemistry Education Research (Peer-reviewed and General)
  • Chemistry Education Research (Graduate Student Research Forum)
  • Citizens First!
  • Computer-Aided Data Analysis in Chemical Education Research (CADACER)
  • Curricular Innovations in Undergraduate Chemical Education Impacted by NSF
  • Faculty Development Initiatives
  • Green Chemistry: Theory and Practice
  • GSSPC - Resolving the Big Picture: Bringing Molecules into Focus
  • Implementing Discovery-Based Research Experiences in Undergraduate Chemistry Courses
  • Instructors and Researchers Advancing Graduate Student Education
  • International and Multicultural Perspective
  • Molecular Modeling at the Undergraduate Level
  • National Chemistry Week and Chemists Celebrate Earth Day 2016 themes
  • Online Chemical Education
  • Perspectives on Climate Change Literacy and Education; Local to International
  • Polymer Ambassador Program for K-12
  • Process-Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL)
  • Research on Learning in the Lab
  • State of the Art - Computers in our hands: The essential chemistry of portable electronic devices
  • Successful Student Chapters
  • Undergraduate Research Posters
  • Undergraduate Research Papers (Oral)
  • --plus-- High School, Award, and General sessions

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