Teacher Professional Development

Presider: Suzanne Blum

Danielle Solano described the design and evaluation of a chemistry careers class in her presentation entitled “Evaluation of the effectiveness of a focused interest career course for chemistry students.” Masters and bachelors students enrolled in a multi-week course exploring the careers available to people holding chemistry degrees. Guest lecturers from nontraditional disciplines (i.e., not "academics" or "industry") visited weekly. Example guests included a forensic scientist and an intellectual property professional.

Hal Harris presented “Teachable moments gained and lost when your mercury-filled barometer is gone.” He described how up-to-the-minute weather websites provide information about atmospheric pressure that students can analyze as a "green" alternative to mercury barometers.

Craig Rusbult presented an approach to undergraduate laboratory education that involved group work (“Lab education to teach scientific thinking skills”). During his presentation he described groups of large numbers of students called "supergroups". Suzanne Blum (Get FIT! Faculty in Training Program”) described a mentored faculty training program that provides graduate students with skills for careers in classroom education.

Khuloud Sweimeh described the many community college teaching options available to Ph.D. chemists (“Becoming a chemistry professor at a community college: How to get there and what’s in it for you”). She described her typical teaching experiences, including the satisfaction of helping a diverse student pool, and tips for entering the field. David Finster closed the session by describing a safety training program for undergraduate students that is articulated in his new coauthored book, "Laboratory Safety for Chemistry Students."

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