YCES Task Force Report, Fall 2011

In the Fall of 2010, a new task force – the Younger Chemistry Education Scholars Task Force or YCES - within the Division of Chemical Education was created to investigate the needs of graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and undergraduate students in the area of Chemistry Education Research (CER). This task force came out of discussions amongst graduate students and postdocs at the 2010 BCCE in Denton, TX. The graduate students and postdocs at that meeting indicated that a national peer-group network would allow for both collaboration and networking in ways that would be valuable to graduate students and postdocs at all levels.

The YCES Task Force has two main goals: 1) to serve a liaison between the CER graduate student & postdoc communities and the DivCHED/ACS and 2)to recruit undergraduates into the field of chemistry education research. In this vein, the YCES Task Force held a networking lunch at the Spring 2011 ACS meeting that attracted 25 CER graduate student and postdoc attendees, and the YCES Task Force members conducted outreach to 20 undergraduates in the area of chemistry education research during the undergraduate poster session.

In the future, the YCES Task Force plans to supplement these activities by incorporating a web presence that allows graduate students and postdocs who are unable to attend conferences to access the networking spaces provided. Additionally, the Task Force seeks to continue to host social gatherings and conduct outreach in the process of building community infrastructure.

If you are interested in being involved with the YCES Task Force or have ideas that may be useful, please contact the Task Force chair, Cianán Russell at cianan@gatech.edu

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