From the Secretary/Councilor, Resa Kelly, Fall 2012

Greetings Chemical Education members! As the summer months dwindle away, the fall brings forth an election with a new slate of candidates running for the positions of chair-elect and councilor/alternate councilors. Running for chair elect are Dr. Donald Wink and Dr. George Kriz. Running for one councilor position and two alternate councilor positions are Dr. Melanie Cooper, Dr. Cheryl Frech, Dr. Daniel King, Dr. Carmen Valdez Gauthier, Ms. Sally Mitchell, and Dr. MaryKay Orgill. Once again, it is anticipated that the Division election will be held by electronic ballot. An email containing a link to vote anonymously will be sent to all members with a valid address. Those without valid e-mail addresses will receive a post card with the same voting information. More information will be sent to you as the election approaches.

Highlights from the Executive Meeting held in San Diego

It is my pleasure to report that the members of the Executive Committee motioned to support the creation of the Chemistry Teachers’ Association (CTA) to the American Chemical Society as a stand-alone entity. It is hoped that the CTA will provide our high school teaching colleagues with the opportunity to get involved in our community as chemical educators. The motion received unanimous support from, not only the voting members of Ex. Comm., but also from many non-member participants who were present at the meeting. The board recommended that CTA be governed by a volunteer board of members with staff hired to manage the day-to-day operations as they see fit. In addition, DivCHED members and non-members voiced a commitment to collaborate with high school teachers and play an active role in helping them establish the CTA.

In closing, the Executive Committee recognized and thanked Dr. Arlene Russell for her contributions as the past chair of the Division.

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