Committee on Computers in Chemical Education Report, Fall 2013

The Committee on Computers in Chemical Education is a standing committee of the Division of Chemical Education, which according to the bylaws “seeks to encourage, publicize and support the development, implementation and assessment of computing technologies in chemical education”. The CCCE runs an annual Fall online newsletter, and as a service to the general chemical education community hosts the online ConfChem conferences, both of which can be accessed through our web site, .

This is the 20th anniversary of the OnLine ConfChem conferences, which may be the oldest ongoing online conference in the chemical sciences.   Upcoming ConfChems include the Spring 2014 ConfChem on the Flipped Classroom (organized by Jennifer Muzyka and Chris Lurker) and the Spring 2015 ConfChem on Interactive Visualizations for Chemistry Teaching and Learning (organized by Emily Moore).

The CCCE received an ACS Innovative Projects Grant to develop folksonomic indexing of the ConfChem/Newsletter archives. The objective of this is to bundle ConfChem papers and Newsletter articles around themes defined by social generated tags. We have created a Drupal 7 site in the Bluehost cloud to develop this technology and are trying to enable a commenter to tag either or both, the comment and/or the article being commented on, and do this in a fashion where the commenter can edit the comment, but not the article. We are also attempting to find and digitize printed journals from 1978-2000, and would appreciate your contacting us if you have any issues which are not on the list on our website, .

In collaboration with ACS CINF the CCCE is organizing the first OLCC since 2004, and this will be on Cheminformatics. We plan to offer this intercollegiate course in the Fall of 2014 and Fall of 2015, and are looking for faculty who would be interested in offering this course at their home institutions. We have created a development site, and further information can be found in the Cheminformatics OLCC  section of this Newsletter.

Please contact Bob Belford if you are interested in any of these projects, would like to organize a ConfChem, submit and article to our Fall Newsletter or join the committee.

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