New Member Committee Report, Fall 2013

The New Member committee (NMC) is focused on welcoming new members to the division and looking for new ways to help meet the needs of our new members. At the spring ACS meeting in New Orleans, the NMC was pleased to welcome three new members to the NMC: Mai Yin Tsoi from Georgia Gwinnett College; Michelle Dean from Kennesaw State University; and Vicente Talanquer from University of Arizona. We are pleased to have them join the committee and are looking forward to the fresh ideas and input they can bring to the NMC. Since the spring ACS meeting, NMC members have been working on ways in which we can help members connect at regional ACS meetings. Last year the NMC took on the development of a DivCHED information poster and information card, which have been updated this year with the help of Heather Johnson.  This year, in collaboration with the Frank Creegan and the Regional Meetings Committee, the NMC is running a pilot project which involves the DivCHED Regional Meeting representatives submitting an abstract for the DivCHED poster, presenting the poster, and providing feedback to the Regional Meetings Committee and NMC regarding this experience. To help make people aware of this, the NMC is sending email notifications about the Regional Meeting Division poster, including when and where, to the people who have been identified as new members within the last 1-1.5 years. Additionally, Heather Johnson has been posting this information on the DivCHED Facebook site and the NMC website. If you are planning to attend one of the upcoming regional ACS meetings this year, make sure you stop by the poster, say hi, and find out more about the Division. As always, if you have feedback about this pilot program or have any other suggestions about how we can better serve our new members please let us know.

There are a number of venues available, both face-to-face and virtual, and we would love to hear from you!

  1. Join the ACS Division of Chemical Education group on Facebook and post your ideas.
  2. Follow the Division on twitter (
  3. Visit the DivCHED poster at a regional ACS meeting.
  4. Check out our web page ( and send us an email.

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