Chair-Elect, Don Wink, Fall 2013

Don WinkThis is an exciting time to be getting involved in the leadership of the Division, for I expect it will be a time when the Division is able to bring more and more of its members into being an active community of chemical educators. Because of the hard work of the recent leaders of the Division we are in a position where our financial picture, our organizational structure, and our procedures are now much clearer. This will make it a lot easier, I hope, for the next few years to be a time when our committees, their members, and all the members of the Division can work to make the Division a stronger outreach-oriented community.

Several particular items are encouraging in this regard. First, our New Member Committee is continuing to be a place where we work to welcome those who have just joined the Division, including providing opportunities, such as those at the BCCE meetings, to get to know the Division. Second, our Division website, under the able direction of our Secretary, Resa Kelly, and the Division’s Executive Assistant, Heather Johnson, is a place where we have organized a lot of information and where we can do a lot of work together. Third, when we talk of ‘work together’ it is always good to have some clear tasks and directions. Fortunately, several years ago the Division carried out a cycle of strategic planning followed by the engagement of task forces to designate certain activities for our attention. The Division’s Long Range Planning Committee, led by Ingrid Montes, has revisited those and is in the process of bringing them up to speed for action now. I hope that these will enable us to make the Web site a more active site for discussion and support of our members. I hope you watch for opportunities for you to get connected to this, and to help shape our work.

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