At Large Delegate, Jimmy Reeves, Fall 2013

As I enter the last half year of my three year service as At Large Delegate, I am proud of the work the various committees of the Division have accomplished.  Based on the advice of financial consultants, the Division has taken substantive steps to ensure that both the Examinations Institute and the Journal are kept on sound financial footing, and that the individuals responsible for making key decisions on our behalf are protected from liabilities associated with the lawful performance of their duties. Safeguards such as ensuring that financial statements are reviewed by individuals different from those who write the checks have been implemented, and we are discussing the possibility of hiring an outside firm to ensure that professionals oversee the work of what, as you know, is a largely volunteer group who serve on the Board of Trustees of the Examinations Institute, the Board of Publications and the Executive Committee.  These changes were necessitated by the financial success of both the ACS Exams Institute and the Journal of Chemical Education, achieved through the hard work of their director/editor and their staffs.  I am also pleased to report that we have extended support for travel reimbursements to include more robust coverage for the DivChed Program Chairs of ACS national meetings to minimize their out of pocket expenses at the meeting where they serve as Chair. 

In order to share the work of the Board of Publications and the Board of Trustees of the Exams Institute, both bodies will add an additional appointed member.  This increase will be particularly important for the Exams Institute as we approach the end of our Chairman’s tenure on the Board, and search for her successor.  The new Chair will be elected from among the appointed members of the Board.  In light of looming challenges such as the status of the Institute at its current home, Iowa State, it is critical that the next director be as dedicated and effective as our current one (if that’s even possible). 

I have learned a great deal and am very impressed with the way the business of the Division of Chemical Education is conducted, thanks to the great volunteers who staff our committees and boards.  I hope you will consider volunteering your time on one of them.  If you are interested in serving or have questions about the business of the Division, please contact me or any other member of the Executive Committee and we’ll be happy to help you.

Jimmy Reeves, Member at Large

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