From the Secretary/Councilor, Resa Kelly, Fall 2013

Every year at about this time I’m reminded of a song my dad used to sing to me and it went something like this: School days, school days, good ole golden rule days...I’ll stop, but you get the idea. Here are your fall updates to distract you from the fact that the upcoming academic year is approaching.

Fall Election  
The Fall DivCHED election kicks off on September 1st and runs through October 1st, 2013.  One novelty associated with this election is that it overlaps with the Fall National Meeting held in Indianapolis, September 8-12, which should allow the candidates the opportunity to work the crowds and rally for your vote (this vision may not represent reality). Running for chair-elect are Julie Smist and Marcy Towns. Vying for the secretary/councilor position are Hannah Sevian and myself. Competing for one Councilor position and one Alternate Councilor position are Renee Cole, Cheryl Frech, Jeff Hepburn and Kereen Monteyne, and running for Member at Large are candidates Alexander Grushow and Jimmy Reeves. The election will be run electronically; however, if we do not have an email address you will be sent the ballot through U.S. Mail. You can expect to see all of the candidates listed under the position for which they are running, and you should be able to review a short biography and see a photo. In addition to the office election there will also be bylaw changes to review.  

Bylaw changes require a little extra work on your part, because you are recommended to review the amendments and compare them to the original bylaws to make an informed vote on whether to accept or decline the changes. Don’t worry. No assessment will be given to verify your understanding of the issues prior to voting. To assist you in your review of the bylaw amendments, you will be provided with two documents. One document will summarize the major changes to the bylaws, think of this as the “Cliff Notes”.  Another document will show the existing bylaws with track changes to allow you to view how the changes fit within the existing bylaws. Be on the lookout for your ballot to arrive by email or mail notice just prior to September 1st. 

Term Limits and Recognizing Committee Work
Please take note of a motion that was passed by the Executive Committee at the Spring 2013 National Meeting in New Orleans that places a three-term limit  on the number of consecutive terms you may serve on a committee.  Each term is typically three years in length, thus a member may spend up to nine years on a committee before he or she will be asked to step down to allow others to participate. The hope was that placing term limits on committee appointments would continually bring new people to the committees. In addition, it is important to know that the Board of Publication and the Board of Trustees will be increasing in size from 5 members to 6 members to better manage their affairs, thus there is literally no time like the present to begin getting involved with service to the Division of Chemical Education. If you are interested in joining a committee or running for an elected position, visit the “Get Involved” site located under the Membership tab on the Division’s website ( 

Executive Assistant Heather Johnson and I will be working to send out recognition letters toward the end of the year to those committee members whose terms expire in 2013 and the newly appointed members beginning new terms in January of 2014. For those who are in the middle of a term or just beginning a term, please be sure to renew your ACS membership in a timely fashion to maintain your position on your committee.

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