From the Secretary/Councilor, Resa Kelly, Fall 2014

Resa Kelly

The Fall DivCHED election, like clockwork, runs from September 1st through October 1st, 2014. Here is a list of the candidates:
Chair-Elect:  Julie Smist and Thomas Greenbowe
Treasurer: Anna Wilson and Alexander Grushow
Councilor (1 position) and Alternate Councilor (1 position): Ellen Yezierski, Laura Slocum, Cinzia Muzzi and Jeff Hepburn

As usual, the election will run electronically; however, if we do not have your email address you will be sent the ballot through U.S. Mail. Short candidate biographies, including a picture, will first appear on the DivCHED website at least one month in advance of the election, then they will also be assessable for your review on the electronic ballot. There are no bylaw amendments for you to review this election.

The Board of Publication and the Exams Institute Board of Trustees are always looking to appoint future members. If you are unsure of what a Board position entails, but you are eager to learn of its operations, try attending the open session meetings of these Boards at the ACS National meeting in San Francisco. The Board of Publication meeting begins at 8:00AM and meets in room 120 of the North building of the Moscone Conference Center on Saturday, August 9th.  The Board of Trustees of the Exams Institute meets a bit earlier at 7:30AM, in room 121 of the North Building of the Moscone Conference Center on the same day. You can tell them I sent you, but it isn’t even necessary because the meeting is open. In fact, any meeting that is labeled “open” means you may attend so what are you waiting for? Let the exploration begin!

Safe travels to all of you making the conference circuit this summer.  Hope to see you at the ACS meeting in San Francisco rockin’ those cool totes from the BCCE and humming tunes from Al D. Hyde and the Key Tones.

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