Board of Publication Report, Fall 2015

There is less new business and more in-progress activity.

Working with the Division, the Board has established financial support for the Conant High School Award in perpetuity using our investments.  Implementation is moving forward.

The subcommittee on Editorial succession has continued to work on the plan for seeking the next Editor-in-Chief.  Although Norb Pienta just agreed to a second five-year term, we need to lay the groundwork for a search for his replacement after 2019.  That seems a long way off but it will sneak up on us.  Concurrently the Board is also working on a succession plan and process for the Managing Editor position and ChemEdXchange.  That discussion anticipates the not-to-distant retirement of Jon Holmes. 

Fall-out from last summer’s strategic planning meeting is still being coalesced.

The meeting in Boston will continue to discuss these issues.

Visitors are welcomed!   We run open session from about 8:30 til noon, with a closed session in the middle when we talk with ACS Publications.  Since it is a business meeting with things to accomplish, visitors are not generally asked to participate in the .  So you can be a fly on the wall and come and go as you please. 

Respectfully submitted,   Chris Bauer, BoP Chair,  July 2015.

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