Chemical Education Research Committee Report, Fall 2017

Greetings from the Chemistry Education Research (CER) committee! I am happy to report on two new initiatives taking shape in the committee.

Research methods symposia at BCCE 2018

  • The YCES and CER committees have been discussing collaborative efforts to promote professional development. The first effort will be a series of themed symposia held at the upcoming BCCE.
  • The main goal for these symposia is to collectively provide researchers with an opportunity to learn the details of a method or framework.
  • Each talk will be scheduled for a 40-minute block, providing speakers time to introduce their research and provide an instructional-style account of the method or framework utilized.
  • Planned symposia:
    • Theoretical frameworks
    • Basic/advances statistics
    • Qualitative methods
  • During the symposia, audience member feedback will be collected to evaluate the value of the presentations and to gather suggestions for additional topics of interest.

Development of CER resource pages

  • CER committee members have been working with Jon Holmes on building resource pages to host on the ChemEd-X server.
  • The pages will be similar to the PER Central ( layout.
  • Several pages are under development; stay tuned for working versions soon!

In addition to these new initiatives, the CER committee continues to support the following agenda:

  • Moderation of the CER listserv through the ChemEd-X server
  • Organization of symposia at ACS National and BCCE meetings
    • Research in Chemistry Education
    • New & Noteworthy
    • Research to Practice
  • Undergraduate CER poster judging and awards
    • In collaboration with YCES
  • Encouraging a strong pool of nominations for the ACS award in Achievement in Research for the Teaching and Learning of Chemistry

Jack Barbera – CER committee chair
Portland State University

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