From the Chair-elect, Cheryl Frech, Fall 2017

Students who are new to chemistry can be overwhelmed by its complexity and struggle to find ways to learn. As chemical educators we know that chemistry is beautiful, logical, and understandable, but that strategies and effort are required to catalyze each person’s learning process. In some ways, the work of the Chemical Education Division is similar. New members may be surprised to learn about the many aspects of CHED – from online conferences to young chemical education researchers, from travel grants to safety. CHED only seems like a well-oiled machine because of the hard work of our many volunteers.

The CHED Bylaw revision process should be complete by the end of 2017. As we approach 2018 we will turn to consider our Operations Manual, which is posted on our website under the tab “About CHED”, Please take a look at the Operations Manual descriptions of the parts of CHED in which you are involved. Does the text reflect what your committee is doing? One of two things may need to happen if the answer is “no”. Either your committee should attend to its responsibilities, or the Operations Manual can be revised. We will attempt to sort out, update, and set in place a plan to regularly review the Operations Manual. The CHED member-at-large, Deanna Cullen, will be assisting with this process into 2018.

As a division of ACS, we are asked to provide feedback on the latest version of the ACS Strategic Plan. We are Goal 3: “Support Excellence in Education”. Visit and learn more about all of the proposed strategic plan. If you have comments, please send them to me at

Are you interested in learning more about CHED? Please come to the social at the Washington ACS meeting on Sunday evening, August 20 at 5:30 pm in the Convention Center. And here’s to a fantastic fall semester for all chemistry educators.

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