From the Secretary/Councilor, Dan King, Fall 2017

Greetings to all. I hope you have been enjoying the Summer. The Fall election is fast approaching. Soon you will receive ballots for the following positions: Chair-elect, Treasurer and Councilor/Alternate Councilor. As has been done in the past, voting will be conducted electronically. You will receive an invitation to vote via email towards the end of August, with voting open during the month of September. The ballots will contain statements from each candidate. The candidates for the upcoming election are:
Chair-elect:  Irvin J. Levy and Scott Donnelly
Treasurer:  William J. “Bill” Donovan and David P. Licata
Councilor/Alternate Councilor:  Jack Barbera, Patrick L. Daubenmire, Roxie Allen and Thomas Pentecost
Best of luck and thanks to all of the candidates for volunteering to serve the Division.

Congratulations to all of the Division members who have been named as ACS Fellows. You can find a list of them on the Division website:

I’m pleased to report that the Division received two Innovative Project Grants (IPG) from ACS. The two proposals are entitled: “A Plan-of-Action to Revitalize the Biennial Conference Committee” and “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Developing Chemistries for Improved Global Health”.

Many people have been hard at work revising the Division Bylaws, in coordination with mandatory changes required by ACS. Early next year we will be holding a separate election to ratify the many changes to the Bylaws, so keep your eye out for that communication.

If you are coming to the Fall Meeting in Washington, DC, I hope to see you at the Division Social on Sunday evening. I wish everyone a productive academic year and remind you to let me know if you have any suggestions as to how to improve the Division.

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