High School Chemistry Committee, Spring 2012

Financial support is always a concern to many teachers. A few opportunities for funding exist with the ACS/Hach Grants and the Travel Awards. The Hach grants allow a teacher to write a short proposal to obtain up to $1500 in financing for equipment in their classroom. Details can be found at www.acs.org/hach.

The Division of Chemical Education Travel Award is now open to High School/College educators who are members of the ACS for at least three years. They may apply to receive an award to attend the BCCE or Spring ACS National meeting. This new initiative will provide up to 80% of travel expenses for one meeting with a limit of $1000. The application deadline is September 15, 2012. Visit the DivCHED website at www.divched.org/content/CHEDTravelAward for more information including application submission instructions. The high school programs at these meetings have increased significantly in recent years. The ACS DivCHED/SOCED Task Force met in Washington, DC in early December to prepare and submit a report for DivCHED and SOCED meetings in San Diego for the formation of a National High School Chemistry Teachers Association. More information will be following after discussions in San Diego. Committee members Jeff Hepburn and Laura Slocum are members of this Task Force.

The High School Chemistry Day will be held on Sunday, March 25, 2012 at the Spring Meeting in San Diego. High school educators can attend the entire meeting (March 25-29) at a significantly reduced cost of $100. Symposia, programs, workshops and social events throughout the meeting are very high school teacher friendly and participants always return to their schools with relevant, cutting edge information for their students as well as bags filled with resources from the extraordinary marketplace of more than 800 vendors.

ACS is offering a new video series where eight chemists discuss the importance of chemistry in their lives. Some of these chemists include Nobel Laureates. This series can be found at www.acs.org/Spellbound. ACS also offers outstanding opportunities such as Chem Club. These are both outstanding means of getting students excited about chemistry.

The co-chairs will be working with Heather Johnson to update the High School Committee Website. We are seeking input from the committee and any high school educator to help us create this informative and useful resource. Please send us comments and suggestions. We really need and appreciate your advice.

The Local qualifying test will be given from March 1-March 30 for the Chemistry Olympiad. This is another superb opportunity for high school chemistry students. It is also great preparation for any upcoming tests in May. Contact your local ACS Section Coordinator if you need further information.

Make your plans to attend this summer's BCCE at Penn State University. This will be held from July 29-August 2, 2012. Sample sessions will include the George Hague Memorial AP Chemistry Symposium; hosted by Harvey Gendreau and Chuck Mills. This symposium provides the best opportunity to hear of changes and engage in important dialog about AP Chemistry. Members of the College Board will be presenting as well as some of the finest AP Chemistry educators in the world. The high school program at this conference has grown significantly. The High School Committee is planning on hosting a meeting of the committee for any interested high school educators in attendance. If you can’t attend the BCCE this year, plan on attending Chem Ed 2013. It will be held at the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario in Canada. The dates are July 28-August 1, 2013.

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