Regional Meeting Committee, Spring 2012

RMC Committee Members and Their Terms of Service:
*Frank Creegan         (Washington College, MD, retired) - 2011-2013;
Amina El-Ashmawy   (Collin College, TX) - 2011-2013;
Cheryl Frech              (University of Central Oklahoma, OK) - 2012-14;
Allene Johnson           (Summit High School, NJ, retired) - 2012-14;
*Michael McGinnis   (North Georgia College & State University, GA) - 2011-2013;
Paul Rillema               (Wichita State University, KS) - 2012-14;
Jerry Sarquis             (Miami University, OH, retired) – 2012-2014;
Frank Torre               (Springfield College, MA) - 2011-13;
Steven Wood              (Brigham Young University, UT) - 2012-14;
Doris Zimmerman      (Penn-Ohio Border Section of the ACS) - 2012-14
* Co-Chairs 2012

1.  Activities of RMC:
a. The mission of RMC is to promote chemical education programming at ACS regional meetings. The work of the DivCHED Representative, selected by the co-chairs of RMC, now focuses on:

  • assisting each Regional Meeting Organizing Committee with the planning of CHED programming,
  • participation, where appropriate, in the CHED programming,
  • serving on the selection committee for the recipient of the Division Region Award for Excellence in High School Teaching, and
  • presentation of the Teaching Award at the meeting banquet.

b. The Division provides support of $500.00 to each of the regional meetings for their chemical education programming and $1,000.00 to underwrite the Teacher Award.  The Regional Meeting Organizing Committees agree to underwrite the costs associated with the attendance of the Award-Winning High School teacher, and to acknowledge the Division's financial support in all electronic and hardcopy publicity of the meeting.

2.  RMC Long-Range Plan:
The Committee is working to develop a Long Rang Plan that will lead to strategies intended to increase the presence of the chemical education community at regional meetings not only with increased programming but also with increased attendance.  Table I shows the chemical education programming at Regional Meetings in 2011. 

Working with the ACS Staff Contacts in the Office of Meetings and Expositions as well as the Regional Boards, the Committee is attempting to get involvement of DivCHED representatives at the ground level of planning for Regional Meetings.  Committee members will be meeting with Regional Boards at the San Diego and Philadelphia National Meetings to set up working relationships.  In addition, the Committee will be working to partner with the High School Committee to enhance the programming for High School Teachers at Regional Meetings.

3.  The 2012 Regional Meetings:  In 2012, there will be eight regional meetings representing eight regions.   Organizing Committees for these meetings are working to develop a broad array of chemical education programming.  Details, as they develop, can be found at websites for individual meetings.

2012 Meeting

Dates and Location

DivCHED Representative

43rd Middle Atlantic (MARM)

May 31-June 2,
Baltimore, MD

Frank J. Creegan
Washington College

43rd Central (CERMACS)       

June 6-9,
Dearborn, MI

Doris Zimmerman
Penn-Ohio Border Section

67thth Northwest (NORM)

June 24-27,
Boise, ID

Tom Greenbowe
Iowa State University

38th Northeast (NERM)

September 30-October 3, Rochester, NY

Christopher Bauer
University of New Hampshire

23rd Rocky Mountain (RMRM)

October 17-20,
Westminster, CO

Steven Woods
Brigham Young University

47th Midwest (MWRM)

October 24-27,
Omaha, NE

Paul Rilemma
Wichita State University

64th Southeast (SERMACS)

October 31-November 3, Raleigh, NC

Michael McGinnis
North Georgia College & State University

68th Southwest (SWRM)

November 4-7,
Baton Rouge. LA

Cheryl Frech
University of Central Oklahoma

NOTE: The Great Lakes Region and the Western Region will not meet in 2012.



4.  The 2013 Regional Meetings:
In 2013, there will be eight regional meetings representing eight regions with CHED representatives present as liaisons to the Organizing Committees.  Division members interested in being a CHED representative at 2013 regional meeting should contact RMC Co-Chairs Mike McGinnis <> or Frank Creegan <>.


2013 Meeting

Dates and Location

DivCHED Representative

44th Central (CERMACS)

May 14 – 17,
Mt. Pleasant, MI


40th Great Lakes ( GLRM)

June 6-8,
LaCrosse, WI


68th Northwest (NORM)

July 21-24,
Corvallis, OR


45th Western (WRM) 

October 3 – 6,


48th Midwest (MWRM)

October 16-19,
Springfield, MO


39th Northeast (NERM)

October 23-26,
New Haven, CT


65th Southeast (SERMACS)

November 13- 16,
Atlanta, GA


69th Southwest (SWRM)

November 17 – 20,
Waco, TX


NOTE: The Rocky Mountain Region and the Middle Atlantic Region will not meet in 2013.



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