From the Secretary, Resa Kelly, Spring 2012

Spring is the time to recharge your energy in the lovely city of San Diego, home of the 2012 Spring National ACS meeting!  I hear it’s not such a great time of year for those of you with allergies, but the good news is that the conference is mostly indoors! For those of you without allergies that’s also the bad news.  If you find that you are unable to attend the meeting, ACS has been considering how to reach you.  As a result, many of the talks will be recorded to allow the PowerPoint slide presentations to be synched with audio. These talks will be available online at a later date.  Closer to home, in our own Division, we are trying to find ways to help you make it to the meetings (live!), because there is a real advantage to attending in person.  As a result, travel awards are being offered to entice people to go to meetings. Hopefully you noticed the applications sent via email, but if you did not, you can find it on our website.

The goal of my memo is to report on a few items: Bylaws, committee member recognition and tracking, and Facebook happenings.

After the fall election, the bylaw document and election results were sent to the ACS Committee on Constitution and Bylaws (C & B).  In January, it was announced that C & B officially certified our Division’s bylaws.   It is recommended that the bylaws be reviewed every 5 to 7 years, but there has already been discussion at recent meetings to amend the new bylaws.  It is anticipated that these additional changes will be very manageable.

Committee Member Recognition and Tracking
Executive assistant, Heather Johnson, and I have been working with both the chair and the past chair (Cinzia Muzzi and Marcy Towns) of the Committee on Personnel and Nominations to formally invite members to serve on committees, to thank them and recognize their valuable work and contributions to the Division, and to track their years of service.  I would like to encourage all members to learn more about our Division committees and how to get involved. Visit the “Committees” tab on the Divched website.

During the last Executive Meeting I was charged with the task of joining the ACS Division of Chemical Education Group on Facebook and to report on its activity. What I have noticed is that the group is a great way to stay connected to the latest happenings of our Division, largely because Heather Johnson is consistently posting current and relevant information to the group.  Right now, as I type this memo, we have 295 Facebook group members, but rumor has it that we have a little over 5,000 members in the Division. To state the obvious, there appears to be room for growth.  In case you are one of the 4,000+ non-Facebook  DivCHED group members, please consider searching for our Division on Facebook(assuming you are already participating in this type of social media) and joining the group. Here are just a few of the many things that have recently been posted. There are links to the DivCHED Travel Award online application, the abstract submission for the 244th National ACS Meeting in Philadelphia, PA that is open until April 2nd (Uh-oh!), job applications, award announcements, journal links, member questions and a few posts by Dr. Thomas Holme informing us that we are in a Twitter contest!  Did you know this?  If we beat the other divisions participating in this contest by gathering the most followers on Twitter between now and the National meeting, we could win a FREE coffee break during the San Diego meeting!  You can follow our Division on Twitter at @ACSNatlMtg or as recommended by Dr. Jeff Raker, use the hashtag #acssandiego in tweets about the conference.  I have to confess, that I Googled “Twitter” and managed to both join it and locate these tags. I state this primarily to provide hope to those of you who are a bit reluctant to join this endeavor. By the way, my twitter alias is @kellygirl7391 and I have 6 followers—I think this is probably pretty pathetic, especially since one is my nephew, but I find it humorous as a way to introduce myself.

I hope to see you in San Diego with your coffee mug!

Resa Kelly on Twitter with 6 followers (woo-hoo!)

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