From the Chair, Frank Torre, Spring 2013

It has been two month since I assume the role of Chair of the Division of Chemical Education. The steep learning curve has been flattened by having the guidance and counsel of George Bodner who takes on the role of past chair. Don Wink, the chair-elect, completes the triumvirate (if you like the Romans or troika, if you remember the Soviet Union). I do not know who came up with this leadership succession system but whoever it was; I would like to thank her or him. It has made my life easier and more enjoyable. How comforting is it to have two good people to turn to for advice and wisdom?

There are a few important pieces of Divisional business that I think you should know about. I am pleased to announce that Chris Bauer has become Chair of the Board of Publications. Chris is an experience member of the board and brings history and insight into this important position. David Licata has agreed to be treasure of the Board.

We have received our proposed bylaw changes back from the ACS Committee on Constitution and Bylaws. Their careful review of our proposal resulted in only a few required minor changes. Thanks to the hard work of Resa Kelly, our Secretary and constitutional scholar, I am confident that we will gain approval in a short time.

George Bodner, as District Director, and I, as Division Chair have agreed to serve on the advisory board for the proposed Chemistry Teachers Association (CTA) currently being considered by the ACS Board of Directors. The Division voted unanimously last year to support the formation of CTA. As you may know, CTA will seek to fulfill ACS strategic goals by supporting an underserved, yet critically important, sector of the global scientific community:  K–12 teachers of chemistry.

Lastly, the Division hired the firm CliftonLarsonAllen (CLA) to conduct an audit of the Division’s finances. This comprehensive audit included the Exams Institute, the Journal of Chemical Education and the Division. Based on this audit report, the Executive Committee has contracted CLA to develop an action plan that will establish correct accounting procedures in compliance with generally accepted auditing standards, establish internal controls, and basically put our financial house in good order. We are confident that this professional help will help the Division keep better track of our finances.

Hope you see you in at the ACS National Meeting in New Orleans!

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