High School Chemistry Report, Spring 2014

Much has with the High School Committee or in ACS in connection with the committee.  Some of the topics that are of importance to our members include:

ACS has discussed the formation and approval of the National Association of Chemistry Teachers (NACT).  ACS has provided ONE MILLION DOLLARS for three years of support. ACS will start on formation and logistics.  This will follow along the lines of NABT or AAPT.  This will be an important resource for our members.  Our committee is also working to take a more active role in the programming for National High School Day.   We are looking for chairs to serve a two meeting term.  We are in need of a person to chair the 2016 meetings.  These would be for San Diego and Philadelphia.  Please work on finding someone to assume the role for 2016.  The large majority of the expenses to attend will be covered.  We are also looking for someone to chair the 2017 meetings.

We are also looking at what our committee needs to do to better serve our members.  We discussed many topics and came up with topics to start for our members.  The topics chosen were:  Member Benefitts, Curricular Items such as POGIL, Lab and Classroom Safety, Chem Clubs, Grants and Classroom Programs, Regional and National Awards, National High School Days, and Utilizing Research to Practice in the classroom.
We hope you are planning on attending a chemical conference this year.  They always provide great networking, tremendous workshops, and a great way to revitalize your teaching.  You could attend one of the Regional ACS meetings this year or the Spring meeting in Dallas.  A possible source of funding for a national meeting could be the DivCHED and their new Travel Awards which are awarded so winners can attend a national ACS meeting or a Biennial meeting. 

The 2014 BCCE (Greener on the Grand) will be held at Grand Valley State University in Western Michigan, August 3 - 7 2014.  The website  www.bcce2014.org  is already up and running and would provide an outstanding summer opportunity.

The High School Committee is always looking for suggestions so contact any of the members listed on the DivCHED website.

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