From the Chair, Donald J. Wink, Spring 2014

I am proud to have the opportunity to be the Division Chair this year, and to be part of a process by which many changes—some visible and some behind the scenes—have occurred to move the Division forward. I want to highlight a few things, with particular note of some of the individuals who have done much to lead and support us.

The most important recent change, I think, is the creation of a new committee for the Division: the “Young Chemistry Education Scholars Committee.” This represents a response to a request that the Division support members during their early years of independent academic work. I encourage members to look at the YCES committee and think if we should consider other ways to help the community in a similar way.

As members have noticed, we have twice amended our bylaws in recent years, to change the way the overall management of the Division is done. This includes, for example, making sure that more of those who are doing the hard work of running Division operations, such as our Program Chair, are a proper part of governance. Other changes ensure a more transparent process of making important decisions, such as whom to appoint to different Division Boards. The detailed efforts of the Division Secretary, Resa Kelly, has been critical to this.

In addition, following many years of effort and deliberation, we have moved to a much more modern system of keeping our financial records. With the important leadership of Tom Holme, Director of the ACS Exams Institute, our Treasurer, Anna Wilson, and a string of dedicated Division Chairs, we have now implementing a full electronic accounting system. The implementation efforts are led by Jon Holmes (Managing Editor for JCE). This follows on the work done by a long succession of Division Chairs and Chairs of the Division Boards.

There are also several things to highlight that are part of how the Division works with its members. These of course include the upcoming Biennial Conference on Chemical Education, one of the few examples of an ACS Division providing a well-organized, affordable venue for members and others to learn about the latest ideas in the field. In addition, Division Committees are now engaged in a review of how they can fulfill the components of the Division’s Strategic Plan ( Members are encouraged to look at the plan and to consider email the Division Committee chairs with suggestions about ways we might consider fulfilling the plan’s suggestions.

Donald Wink

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