From the Secretary/Councilor, Resa Kelly, Spring 2014

Newly Elected Officers
In the Fall 2013 Election, supervised by Dr. Donald Wink and Ms. Heather Johnson, Dr. Marcy Towns was elected Chair/Chair-Elect, Dr. Jimmy Reeves was reelected as Member-at-Large, Dr. Renée Cole was reelected as Councilor, Dr. Cheryl Frech was elected as Alternate Councilor, and I was reelected as Secretary/Councilor for the Division. Candidates who ran against the newly elected officers were: Dr. Julianne Smist for Chair/Chair-Elect, Dr. Alexander Grushow for Member-at-Large, Mr. Jeff Hepburn and Dr. Kereen Monteyne for Councilor/Alternate Councilor, and Dr. Hannah Sevian for Secretary/Councilor. The Division thanks all who ran and congratulates its newly elected officers.

Bylaw Amendments Passed!
I am relieved to report that members voted to accept the bylaw amendments during the Fall 2013 election.  Many modifications were made to provide consistency and clarity, but several major changes were made and are highlighted below:
Bylaw III - Division Business Meetings will be held only at Spring National ACS meetings.
Bylaw VI – Quorum size for Executive Committee meetings was defined. Chair appointments for the standing committees were also defined.
Bylaw X – The Board of Publication will consist of 9 members (3 ex officio and 6 appointed members).
Bylaw XI – The Board of Trustees will also consist of 9 members (3 ex officio and 6 appointed members).

Committee Terms
Ms. Heather Johnson and I sent letters (electronically) to invite members to begin or extend service on Division committees at the beginning of the year. These letters are an important way to recognize your service. Thank you! In addition, those who have completed three terms of consecutive service reaching their term limit will receive letters recognizing this achievement. One gentle reminder to all those who are serving on committees, please be sure to renew your ACS membership in a timely fashion to maintain your position on your committee.

Y’all have a wonderful conference in Dallas!


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