From the Chair, Marcy Towns, Spring 2015

Marcy TownsThis year there are a number of initiatives and/or issues that are underway.

Continuing initiatives or issues

  • The division is working to develop a process by which potential ACS Fellows that are divisional nominees are chosen. Five executive committee members who are fellows are developing this process which will be discussed at the Spring ACS meeting.
  • The division has a long history of organizing and presenting the Biennial Conference on Chemical Education (BCCE). This conference has been held at colleges and universities across the US and the oversight for this conference has largely been carried out by a divisional committee. As the conference has grown in attendance and activities those on the BCCE committee have pondered changing the oversight system to a board. There have been discussions at the Executive Committee about forming a board. At this time there is a group of people led by Donald Wink, past chair who are discussing the formulation of a proposal for such a board.
  • The division is looking to standardize its record retention policies and procedures across the division and its boards. We have recently heard from ACS national and are planning to develop a policy.

New initiatives or emerging issues

  • The division will fund half of the ACS Pimentel Award for three years, 2015-2017. The division has been notified that Pearson will no longer ACS Award for Achievement in Research for the Teaching and Learning of Chemistry after 2016. The ACS Grants and Awards Committee has also inquired about the division’s interest in supporting the ACS Conant award. The Executive Committee and Boards have begun discussion about the potential ways in which the division may be able to support these important awards that recognize chemical educators for their contributions.
  • A proposal to form a Safety Committee has come forward from David Finster and will be discussed at the Denver ACS meeting.
  • A proposal to develop the leadership skills of division members will also be considered in Denver!

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