Member-at-Large, Jimmy Reeves, Spring 2015

Significant changes in the leadership of the ACS Examinations Institute are taking place as I write this. With Tom Holme’s announcement at the San Francisco ACS meeting last Fall that he had decided to resign his post as Director to accept a distinguished professor position in Australia, a nationwide search for a successor was initiated. A five member search committee was formed by the Board, and after advertising the position in nationally circulated publications such as C&E news and the Chronical for Higher Education, the committee conducted phone interviews and is currently in the process of conducting site visits. Because the Institute would most likely be located at the home institution of the new Director, the site visits involve meetings with various institutional officials such as the applicant’s Dean, the Provost and officials from Human Resources and finance, as well as the candidate’s fellow faculty and Department Chair. The search committee plans to submit its list of candidates to the Board of Trustees at the Spring 2015 National ACS meeting in Denver, when a new director would be chosen. While we are all sad to see Tom move on, it is our hope that his successor will continue to provide the excellent guidance and oversight that has characterized Tom’s tenure as Institute director.

Also in Denver, the Board of Trustees will consider a petition to transfer the responsibilities associated with the day to day business operations of the Institute to a business manager and move that part of the Institute to a location separate from the Director. Among his/her other duties, the manager would oversee the large scale implementation of on-line exams. The Board of Directors, the Board of Publications and the Division’s Executive Committee will also consider proposals to provide permanent funding for the Chemical Education Research Award, the Conant Award and the Pimentel Award. With the ongoing consolidation in publishing, funding for the awards has become difficult to maintain, and an alternative, reliable funding sources need to be found. Finally, ExComm will discuss proposals for leadership development and safety, as well as procedures for nominating ACS Fellows.

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