From the Secretary/Councilor, Resa Kelly, Spring 2015

Resa Kelly

Elections and a Special Election

During the Fall 2014 Election, we once again used the electronic voting service – Vote-Now. We had approximately a quarter of our membership (4944 total members) place votes, which was fairly consistent with previous years when we used this service. Voter comments indicated that most of you were satisfied with the voting process and found the biographies easy to access.

The election results revealed that Tom Greenbowe bested Julie Smist for chair-elect. Anna Wilson was reelected treasurer over Alex Grushow. Ellen Yezierski won the Councilor seat and Laura Slocum the Alternate Councilor position over candidates Cinzia Muzzi and Jeff Hepburn. In an unexpected twist, Tom Greenbowe was unable to accept his newly won position. As a result, a special election for chair-elect was held in mid November. In this election Cathy Middlecamp ran against Amina El-Ashmaway and Middlecamp won the election. I would like to thank all of the candidates who ran for positions and our members for voting not once, but twice.

Get Involved – Attend Open Session Meetings

I recently attended the ACS Leadership Institute meeting and took a course that focused on ways to engage and motivate members to volunteer. One idea that I found to be so logical, yet often overlooked, was to encourage members to examine committee tasks/functions and consider how their skills fit. This may help you decide, not only, whether you should get involved, but it may help you envision how you will get involved. Some of the motivations people have for joining committees are for 1) social interaction, 2) as an opportunity to express their values, 3) for job enhancement, 4) to develop knowledge and experience and 5) for fulfillment or personal growth. All of our Division’s committees should provide ample opportunities to meet these motivational needs. Perhaps some of these reasons resonate with you? If they do, then I encourage you to make a plan for the next National ACS meeting. Examine the schedule of Open Session meetings and choose one or two that interest you and simply attend. Observe how the committee works, how the members communicate and get along and consider whether it is a good match for your motivation and skills. Should you find a committee that fits, go to the Division’s website and complete the online nomination for CHED Committees Please understand that you will not be placed on a committee immediately. There is a selection process. If you are offered a position, you will be sent an invitation to serve, typically in the fall (September/October) and then your service begins at the start of the New Year. Open Session meetings will be held at the Downtown Sheraton Hotel, which should make it easy for you to attend more than one! Also, don’t forget that the DivCHED Social Reception is Sunday evening (5:30-7:00PM) at the Colorado CC, room 207. I look forward to seeing you there!

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