Chemical Education Research Committee Report, Spring 2016

Renee Cole, Chair; Jack Barbera, Co-Chair;

The mission of the Chemistry Education Research (CER) Committee is to inform chemical educators, foster scholarship, and encourage improvement of the quality of chemistry education research. To achieve these goals, the committee is involved in a number of endeavors.

  • To promote awareness of chemistry education research and recognize the contributions of undergraduate researchers, the CER committee is collaborating with the YCES Committee to recognize the top three Chemistry Education posters at the Undergraduate Poster Session at each ACS meeting. This began at the Boston meeting and will continue in San Diego.
  • To help undergraduate research posters best reach their target audience, the CER committee will work with ACS staff for the Philadelphia meeting to review submissions and make sure they are sorted into the correct sub-discipline.
  • ACS Award in Achievement in Research for the Teaching and Learning of Chemistry.  The CER Committee continues to work to ensure there are sufficient numbers of quality nominations for the award, which requires a minimum of ten nominations per year. The greatest concern is ensuring a steady state of new nominations each year to avoid boom/bust cycles on nominations. Renée Cole from CERC serves as liaison to the ACS Canvassing Committee to work on maintaining the number of nominations for this award. We ask that anyone who is nominating a colleague for this award to send a courtesy e-mail to Renee Cole so the CERC can adequately track the number of candidates nominated for this award.
  • The CER Committee is in the process of taking over the migration and moderation of the CER listserve. The committee is working with Stacey Lowery Bretz and Jon Holmes to duplicate the benefits of the current listserve while providing opportunities for more distributed monitoring and management.
  • The CER Committee maintains website with resources posted on the Division Website, but it needs input from the broader community.  The committee information and approved minutes from past meetings are posted.  There are links to journals, conferences, and other resources. The resource links to some areas may not be complete. All were asked to send feedback to committee about edits and additions that should be made. The committee would like to see this site continue to grow into a good resource for the community.
  • The CERC continues to look for ways to interface with teacher education and research at K-12. Greg Rushton is leading this effort, including a possible interface with the ACS HS Committee.
  • Programming at ACS National Meetings and the BCCEs.

Chemistry Education Research (CER) Symposia at National Meetings
The committee currently has organizers for the CER Committee Symposium on Research in Chemical Education for upcoming meetings through the 2018 BCCE. Members of the CER community who are interested in organizing the CER Symposium at future meetings should contact Renée Cole.

There were a number of CER related symposia at the 250th ACS Spring Meeting in Boston, including one organized by the CER Committee.

  • Gautam Bhattacharyya and Tom Greenbowe organized the CER Committee Symposium on Chemistry Education Research for the Boston meeting. There were three half-day sessions scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday with 21 papers presented.

Jeff Raker and Kim Linenberger organized the CER Symposium for the 2016 ACS meeting in San Diego. In addition to the traditional research symposium sessions, Sam Pazicni, Marilyne Stains, and Melonie Teichert organized a session on “New and Noteworthy in 2014-2015” – a session intended to highlight recent exemplary work in chemistry education research. This half-day session will allow speakers to provide more detail on research projects and has been selected by ACS for a “Presentations on Demand” recording.

There will be two symposia sponsored by the CER committee at the BCCE this summer. Vickie Williamson, Diana Mason, Bob Shelton, and Jerry Suits are organizing the traditional chemistry education research symposium, and Renée Cole is organizing a symposium focusing on putting chemistry education research into practice.

Don Wink and Melonie Teichert are organizing the CER symposium for Philadelphia. Abstract submission is now open, and we encourage people to submit their abstracts now.

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